3 Things To Know When Choosing a Patio Cover

by Grace Motley

A patio can offer hours of entertainment and is a fantastic way to extend your living space outdoors. While there are benefits to having a patio, they don't always provide a lot of protection from the elements. This is why patio covers are useful. There are plenty of types to choose from and they offer protection from the sun and rain and can make your patio space more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are looking into adding a cover to your patio, here are three things that you should know. 

Types of Patio Covers

The first thing that you should be aware of is that there is a wide array of options on the market. Finding a patio cover that works with both your budget and your needs is easier than ever. Popular types include awnings, canopies, roofing, and lattices. Patio covers can be made out of wood, canvas, metal, and other materials. Some covers are permanent, while others are removable or retractable. 

How Much It Will Cost

The costs will depend on the size of your patio, the type of cover you choose, and the installation. Canopies can cost as little as $50 to $350. An awning will usually cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 to $800. For a mechanized awning, you will pay closer to $1,000 to $2,000. Lattices and roofs for a patio will usually set you back a few thousand dollars. Custom patio covers are also available but can be rather pricey. Setting a budget before you start your search is a good strategy.

A Professional Can Help

If you are installing a patio cover, you may want to tackle it yourself. However, in many cases, hiring a professional for installation is a better choice. Proper installation is essential. If your cover is not installed well, it can quickly become damaged or may not provide the shelter from the elements that you are looking for. Professional installation is certainly a must for mechanized patio covers. 

If you are looking into patio covers, there are a few things that you should know. First, there's no one size fits all option. There is a wide array of covers to choose from that are constructed of various materials. These patio covers are also available at different price points. Finding an option that meets your needs and is within your budget is not difficult. Finally, when it comes to installation, you may want to hire a professional.