Planning Your Home Renovations And Concrete Work For Structural Loads And Hardscaping

by Grace Motley

If you are planning on doing renovations to your home, there is a work that needs to be done. The concrete renovations can include structural improvements, landscaping features, and hardscaping designs around your home. The following guide will help you with the planning of concrete work for structural improvements and hardscaping designs in landscaping:

  • Repairing Damage to the Concrete of Foundations—The foundation of your home needs to be inspected for problems before you begin investing in renovations. You will want to address issues with a settling foundation and other problems that could cause structural damage to your home. Talk with a concrete contractor about repairing the problems when they are doing other repairs and improvements around your home. The repairs can also be done to update your home to reduce problems with outdated designs that are more vulnerable to damage. 
  • Installing New Footings for Additions and Foundations— You might plan on additions to your home as part of your renovations. There is going to be concrete work that needs to be done to add new footings and a foundation to the additional space that you are adding to your home. You will also want to talk to the concrete contractor about tying the old structure into the new addition to ensure the building settles evenly, and you do not have any problems.
  • Concrete Improvements to Address Structural Load Problems—Sometimes, there are structural problems with your home that need to be addressed when doing renovations. These problems start at the foundation, and you may need concrete work done to add structural footing beams and other improvements to support loads of the structure. You can talk to a structural engineer for help planning these improvements, and have a concrete finisher do the improvements that the engineer recommends.
  • Upgrading Landscaping with Concrete Hardscaping Improvements—The landscaping of your home can also be improved with the right hardscaping features. Some of the options for concrete hardscaping that you will want to consider for your renovations include:
    • Concrete layover repairs for pavements
    • Stamped concrete driveways, sidewalks and paths
    • Concrete retaining walls and landscaping stairs
    • Attractive acid stained and layover finishes for porches and more

You can use concrete work to improve the landscaping design of your home with some of these hardscaping features.

Major renovations often require extensive concrete work, and you will want to begin these improvements now. Contact a concrete service to talk to them about the renovations and hardscaping you are planning on doing to update your home.