3 Styles To Consider For Your Custom Home

by Grace Motley

If you are getting ready to build a custom home, you need to consider what style of home you want to build. You want to choose a style that fits in with your vision for your home, and you want to choose a style that fits in with your neighborhood.

Style #1: Mediterranean

A Mediterranean style home is actually a combination of elements from both Spanish and Italian architecture elements. It is all about open spaces that are both simple and elegant at the same time.

Mediterranean home is all about having big doors and windows that open up to the outside. The style of a Mediterranean home is about incorporating the outside into your home. There are often lots of outdoor living spaces as well as indoor living spaces, with terraces on upper levels of the home and the inclusion of things such as courtyards and atriums as well.

Mediterranean homes often have stone exteriors as well as metalwork incorporated into the front entry, windows, and balcony areas. The Mediterranean style may be old, but it is still modern at the same time.

Style #2: Craftsman

A craftsman style home is a very common style in the United States, with its origins in the 1960s when the building of small family homes. Craftsman homes have front porches that are set-off with either square or round columns.

Craftsman homes are generally one story, with open floor plans. They are long homes with strong horizontal lines. These types of homes usually have low-pitch roofs as well as overhanging eaves and often exposed brackets as well. Craftsman homes are usually painted in muted color tones, such as taupe.

Style #1: Traditional

The traditional style has been around since the 1930s in the united states. Traditionally homes are about simplicity, and the combination of old school and modern styles.

A traditional home will have a nice, simple roofline. It will have windows that have a symmetrical layout, with everyone spaced evenly apart, without too many adornments. Many traditional homes are two story, with a simple covered entrance.

When designing your custom home, draw on home styles that you like. If you want to incorporate the outdoors into your daily lifestyle, consider a Mediterranean home. If you want a one-story home, consider a craftsman with an open floorplan. If you like a two-story home, go with a traditional style. Just remember, as you are using a  custom home builder, you can always customize the layout and details of the home to fit your needs.