What To Consider When Getting New Kitchen Cabinets

by Grace Motley

If you want to renovate your kitchen, you might consider changing out the cabinets. This simple change may be the dramatic transformation you're looking for. Just make sure you consider these things when upgrading this aspect of your kitchen. 


The design of your new kitchen cabinets is an important factor and there are two options. You can have your cabinets designed from scratch or you can go with pre-manufactured cabinets. There are distinct advantages to either option.

Custom cabinets give you more freedom as far as the shape and style. You can get whatever you want as long as you're okay with paying more. If you want to save you can opt for pre-manufactured cabinets, which are more affordable because they're built in a factory. They can also be shipped to your location right away.

Look these design options over carefully and decide what you think can work best in your particular home. 


If you want your new kitchen cabinets to have a distinct aesthetic then you'll want to be selective with the finish that comes on them. There are many noteworthy finish options.

For example, distressed finishes might be worth considering if you want your cabinets to have added character. These finishes give them an antique vibe that's great if you have older elements in the kitchen. Maybe you might want to have a dark stain applied to all of your cabinets for a modern vibe. Dark stain will provide a dramatic look that instantly makes your cabinets stand out. 

Special Features

Kitchen cabinets today come with a lot of incredible features. You'll want to get the right features so that these new cabinets end up working for many years to come.

For instance, if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen at night, you may want under-cabinet lighting included. You'll then be able to create a unique vibe in the kitchen and have an easier time seeing what you're doing in this area.

Soft-closing drawers are also a popular feature for kitchen cabinets today because they extend the longevity of cabinets.

Or, you may want cabinets with hidden compartments for extra security for certain items. There are many possibilities for special feature customization.

After living in a home for several years, you may decide to change up the kitchen with new cabinets. This renovation can go smoothly as long as you find out exactly what you want these new cabinets to have, from finishes to features. 

Contact a contractor or builder such as Logan Construction near you to get started on your new kitchen cabinets.