3 Ways To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your New Garage

by Grace Motley

If you are installing a new garage or remodeling your garage, you want to not just think about how your new garage will function, but you want to think about how it will look as well. Most garages face towards the front of your property, making your garage space an important part of the overall curb appeal of your home.

Install a Visually Striking Garage Door

First, you can start by installing a visually striking garage door. Don't install a flat, boxy garage door. Instead, go with a more visually interesting garage door. You are going to want to go with a door that has windowpanes, which can make your garage door blend better with your house. Go with a door that has panels and lines, such as vertical lines or panels.

There are many different styles of visually striking garage doors. For example, a barn-style door will look great with a colonial-style home. Or a carved wood garage door will look great on many modern homes.

Go for a visually striking garage door that will complement the rest of your home. You want your door to flow with your home.

Add Color

Second, make sure that your garage door has an interesting color. The color of your door should work with your home.

For example, if your home's exterior is made of brick, pick one of the tones in your bricks, and paint your garage door that shade so it complements your home. Or if your home has siding on it, paint your home the same color as the siding, or paint your door the color of your trim.

Add color to your garage door, and make sure it matches with your home.

Add Lights

Don't just let your garage door stand on its own. Add exterior lights on either side of your door. Make the lights motion-sensing so that the lights come on whenever you are coming in or out of your garage.

Lights can help highlight and frame your garage door space and can make your garage door space pop.

For better curb appeal, you are going to use the same type or style of exterior lights near your garage that you use around your home. Using the same type of lights will bring cohesiveness to your overall home design.

When it comes to installing a new garage, think about how the style of your garage door will impact the curb appeal of your home. Choose a visually striking door, add color that matches with your home, and be sure to add exterior lights on either side of your garage door. Contact a garage installation contractor to learn more.