The Fence Trench Footing Guide For Different Materials, Designs And Fencing Purposes

by Grace Motley

If you want to have a long-lasting fence, then, installing a footing is an important step in the building process. There are many different types of materials and fence designs that require fence footings, and you will want to know what requirements you need for the new fence you are installing for your property. The following fence trench footing guide will help you decide on the right footing solutions for your needs:

Choose The Trenching and Drainage You Are Going To Need For Brick and Masonry Installations

The footings of fence designs that include masonry like brick or stone need to be well-designed. Therefore, you are going to want to have trenching done for the footings that are designed to support structural loads. These trenches should be wide and deep and include a drainage system to prevent problems with water.

Make Your New Chain Link Fence Dog Proof With The Installation Of A Good Footing Design

If you are installing a chain link fence for dogs and pets, you want to prevent these members of your family from digging under fencing materials. Therefore, you will want to have trenching done to install a solid footing to support the fence. In addition, you may want to cover the area of the footings with an attractive landscaping gravel cover to provide drainage and further deter digging.

Install A Modern Footing For A Solid Installation Foundation

Today, there are also more modern materials for your fencing with vinyl systems, which are attractive and affordable fencing solutions. The problem is that these materials are often weaker, and installing a solid footing can help provide them with the support they need. Therefore, you will want to have fence footing trenching done to pour a solid concrete footing that will support the vinyl fencing materials.

Install Footings For More Attractive And Modern Iron Or Metal Fencing Systems For Your Property

The footings that you install for your fence can also be a good solution for more attractive metal fencing. You may be looking for something more affordable than brick or stone for the base of an iron or metal fence. Therefore, you will want to use the solid concrete footings, and install a stamped concrete wall to support the fence. This wall can be seal coated with colored sealant for a more attractive and affordable design feature for your new metal fence.

These are some of the different things that you will want to consider for fence footing trenches. If you are planning the installation of a new fence, contact a trenching service for help with marking the fence line and begin the trenching for the footings.