2 Ways To Maximize Your View When Building A Mountain Home

by Grace Motley

For many Americans, designing and building a luxury mountain home is a long-held dream. The idea of a beautiful, cozy, and spacious retreat that can be enjoyed all-year-round is a very appealing one. Many people who choose to build a mountain home, also choose to engage the services of an experienced architecture firm that specializes in designing this type of home.

There are many benefits to using an architect with a strong mountain home design experience. They have an excellent knowledge of the intricacies, obstacles, and details required to build in mountainous regions. This can include structural issues due to the gradient of the land, and ensuring that the home is designed to withstand the often harsh winter weather.

Another benefit of having your new home designed by a dedicated mountain home architect is that they can help you to maximize the beautiful mountain views. The glorious vistas are one of the most appealing aspects of mountain living and should be celebrated. Here are two ways that your mountain home architect can help you to make the most of your mountain views.

1. Invert the configuration of rooms

Traditionally, most homes are designed and built with the living spaces on the lower floor and the bedrooms on the upper floors. However, this traditional design isn't ideal for a mountain home where you want to optimize the view of the surrounding landscape.

You can ask your architect to invert the configuration of the rooms, with the bedrooms on the lower level, or levels, and the living space on the upper floors. This will give you a more impressive view from your kitchen, dining, and lounge areas from their higher vantage point, and will allow you to get the best views from the rooms that are in most frequent use.

2. Embrace the use of glass

Another excellent way that your architecture can maximize the views from your new mountain home is to thoroughly embrace the use of glass. The more glass you included in the design, the more expansive views you'll get, and you'll also have the added benefit of more natural light.

In the past, the amount of glass used in the design and construction of mountain homes had to be balanced with the need to keep the interior of a home warm in winter. However, modern glass has made this less of a concern, with double or triple glazing and glass coatings that make it a far better insulator than older style glass.

For more information on how to build your dream home, consider reaching out to a mountain home architect.