Roots And Your Sewer Line: The Definitive Guide For Dealing With Damaged Sewer Pipes And Preventing Future Problems With Roots

by Grace Motley

When roots grow near your sewer line, they can cause serious damage to the pipes. Sometimes, these problems can be repaired if they are caught in time, but more often, they require sections of pipes to need to be replaced. When repairing the sewer lines, you will also want to do improvements that help prevent future damage to sewer lines that can cause problems with household plumbing. The following sewer line repair guide for root damage problems will help you repair damaged pipes and prevent future problems.

Locating The Sewer Line Where There Are Roots Causing Problem and The Tree or Plant That Is The Source Of The Problem

The first step in solving your problem with roots in sewer lines is to locate the pipe. You will want to follow the last cleanout in household plumbing installation out of your home. From your home, try to find the line where the pipe is installed. Look for signs of a damaged pipe, such as greener patches of grass and growth or moist soil where it should be dry.

Different Options To Clear The Roots From The Damaged Lines and Get The Drains In Your Home Flowing Again

Once you have determined that there are problems with the sewer lines and roots, you will need to call for repairs. Some of the options to clear the roots from the drains include:

  • Sewer line jetting to clear the lines
  • Repairing the damaged sections
  • Replacing the sewer line if the materials are old and outdated

These are some of the options that you will have to repair the problem with roots growing in the sewer lines.

Consider Moving The Damaged Sewer Line If Large Sections Of Pipe Are Going To Need To Be Replaced

If you have to replace large sections of the pipe when repairing your sewer line, it is a good idea to consider moving the line. This can be a good option if you have older pipes that constantly have issues. Replacing the sewer line and moving it to a new location can also help save old and valuable trees that you may want to save, rather than removing them or using root barrier solutions that could harm the trees.

Removing Trees and Plants, or Installing A Root Barrier System To Keep The Roots Out Of Your Pipes

Sometimes, the best solution to prevent future root problems is to remove the trees or plants that have caused the problem. If you want to keep the trees and plants in your landscaping, there are also root barrier solutions, which can be physical barriers that keep trees away from the pipe or chemical treatments that inhibit root growth near the area where pipes have been installed.

This is the definitive guide to repairing sewer lines damaged by roots and preventing future problems that could be worse. If you need help with repairs due to root problems, contact a sewer line repair contractor and talk to them about solutions like root barrier systems to help prevent future problems. 

For more information, contact a sewer repair service.