Custom Rooms For A Gardener's Home

by Grace Motley

If gardening is one of your favorite hobbies or even something you make a little money from as a side gig, then you'll definitely want to consider your gardening needs as you design your custom home. An area designed to allow gardening work indoors, a space for tropical plants in the wintertime, and extra storage for the fruits of your labor may be in order.

Here are some options for specialized rooms to consider adding to your custom home if you're a gardener.

1. A sunroom

A sunroom can allow you to grow even frost-sensitive plants year-round. For this purpose, you'll want to look into designing a four-seasons sunroom, rather than one that's used only three seasons of the year.

If you're the type of gardener who likes to grow tropical foliage, or even if you'd like to grow some vegetables in container gardens year-round, a sunroom can provide the ideal environment for these activities. The plants will love all the sun, and you'll be able to get some vitamin D while staying cozy.

2. A storage area or pantry

If you're a vegetable, fruit, or herb gardener, then you may need a special storage area. Some produce from a vetegable garden (such as potatoes and winter squash) may keep for quite a while in an area such as a cool basement. And, if you can or dry other vegetables and herbs, then you'll need an area to store those as well.

Another reason you may need a storage area indoors is for the storage of plants that go dormant over the winter. For instance, you may wish to dig up your dahlia or elephant ear tubers and store them indoors to protect them from extreme temperatures and pests. Then you can plant them out again in the spring.

3. A seed starting room

Typically, you'll hear that tomato and pepper seeds (among others) should be started indoors well before the last frost date in your area. If you have a large garden, then you may end up with far more vegetable and flower starts than you can comfortably fit in your closets, laundry room, or kitchen countertops.

A designated room for seed starting can give you the space you need to set up a shelving unit for your seed starting flats. You can also design it with a potting area so you can pot up the seedlings into larger containers if they outgrow their flats before spring arrives.

As a gardening enthusiast, you know how much gardening can do for your health, your stress levels, and in some cases even your food budget. Planning to include this hobby in your life long-term can be a very rewarding part of designing your custom home.

To learn more about how to incorporate your special needs into a custom home, contact professionals in your area.