Have a Basement to Finish? 3 Useful Rooms to Consider Adding

by Grace Motley

Getting an unfinished basement may not have been a priority when you bought your home, but this bonus feature gives you lots of opportunity. If you are happy with how your house looks and functions, you may be ready to start working on the basement to further improve your home. If you do not have a concrete plan for what to do when finishing the basement, you should think about what rooms you can add to the space that will benefit your family in a major way.

Family Room

Making a family room is worth considering because it can become a place where everyone in your house spends time together. While this is something that you may already do in the living room, you can feel confident about making a family room feel cozier and more comfortable. When the living room is where you invite your guests and relatives, you can turn the family room into a space where your family loves to hang out during their free time. The great thing about basement renovations is that you can make sure the room meets your family's needs. If they want carpet, recessed lighting, and enough space to add a sectional sofa, you can make it happen.


One of the most useful rooms that you can put in the basement is a bedroom, especially when you have children who are sharing a bedroom. While you may not want to give your youngest kid a bedroom far away from your own, you can give it to your oldest kid with confidence. This is when you will get a chance to choose from all sorts of bedroom details, such as whether you want a walk-in closet or one that has a standard door. Also, even though you will have to work with the space that you have in your basement, you can make almost any sized bedroom.


Exercising on the main floor may not be an issue at all while your basement is unfinished and unused. However, as soon as you finish the basement and start using the space, you may find that working out can lead to a lot of noise and disturbance downstairs. This makes it worth creating a home gym inside the basement where you do not have to worry about noise and vibrations.

If you want your family to be happy with the results of finishing the basement, you should consider adding some or all these rooms.