Debunking 3 Myths About Building A Custom Home

by Grace Motley

Thinking about building a home? If so, then you essentially have two options: you can either choose a floor plan from a home builder or have a totally custom floor plan designed on your behalf. If you're looking for a home that's truly personalized to suit every aspect of your lifestyle, nothing compares to working with a custom home builder.

Building a custom home may be more within your reach than you realize. By separating the facts from some common myths about building a custom home, you can make an informed decision regarding your next home purchase.

Myth #1: A Custom Home Takes Too Long to Build

Compared to a "production home" (a home with a pre-made floor plan), a custom home doesn't actually take any longer to physically build. Once the floor plan is created, an experienced custom home builder can have your home built just as quickly as any other type of home.

The main difference that can affect timelines is how long it takes you to make your decisions. From choosing countertops and flooring materials to deciding on hardware and other finishes, a custom home only takes longer to build if you get hung up on these decisions. By working with an experienced and knowledgeable custom home building contractor, you can get the help you need to make decisions to suit your tastes without setting your timeline back.

Myth #2: I Need to Buy a Lot First

While this may have been true years ago, the reality is that today's custom home builders are happy to help you find a lot on which to build your home. In fact, working with your builder to choose a lot can be helpful, as these professionals will be able to look at factors like the slope and orientation of the land to determine whether or not it will work with your ideal home design.

Myth #3: Getting Financing for a Custom Home Is Difficult

Custom home construction loans are very different from traditional mortgages because they actually include two separate loans: one for the land and one for the home itself. The complexity of taking out two loans can scare some homebuyers away, but it's really not any more difficult to get approved for this type of financing than it is a conventional home loan.

Is a Custom Home Right For You?

Now that you understand the realities behind some of these custom home myths, maybe you can see how building a custom home is within your reach. The next step is to speak with a custom home builder to begin exploring your options.

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