3 Outside Features To Add To Your Custom Home

by Grace Motley

If you want the security that your home has everything your family needs, consider building a custom home. Customizing your home lets you see that your new abode suits your style, lifestyle, and spatial needs. When designing your custom home, take all of the spaces into consideration, including outdoor areas. Here are a few outside features to add to your custom home.

1. An Outside Kitchen

Whether you're an experienced chef or just like to cook outside on pleasant evenings, an outside kitchen is a fantastic addition to your new home. You can adapt your kitchen so that it suits your cooking needs. If you plan to grill, add a small prep area and a built-in grill to make sure you have the space you need. Or, if you want the option to cook more varied meals outside, you might add an outdoor oven and stovetop to your outside kitchen.

Don't forget to add a storage area for your dishes and serving supplies. This will keep you from having to make multiple trips to gather all your cooking and serving implements.

2. A Deck

A deck is a blank space for your outdoor living. Use it to house your patio furniture so you can enjoy refreshments and conversation with your friends and family. Or, outfit it with a dining table to dine al fresco on pleasant evenings.

Not only does a deck offer a variety of options for outdoor living, but you can further customize the space to your specifications in the future if necessary. Perhaps you want to add a hot tub for your family to relax in; if your deck can't support the weight of the hot tub, it's easy to reinforce it to increase the weight limit.

You might decide that you want a little protection from mosquitos and other pests. If so, you can add a pergola and protective netting to your deck to secure the outside area from insects. 

3. A Heated Driveway

If you love snow but hate having to take time out of your snow day to shovel a path for your car, invest in a heated driveway. When your driveway is poured, a heating system will be incorporated into the design.

When snow or icy precipitation rolls around, all you have to do is flip a switch to activate the heat and melt the snow. Already have a driveway in place for your custom home? It might still be possible to incorporate a heating system. Depending on the design and your landscaping, you may have the option to run the heating elements underneath your current driveway.