Why Does Your Pool Water Look Different Than The Pictures You Saw Online?

by Grace Motley

If you recently had a new pool installed or updated your pool's finish, you may be wondering why color of the water isn't the same as the pictures you saw online or in the brochures. First, you need to understand that this is normal. There are several different factors that affect the color of your pool water, including the how deep the water is, the pool's surroundings, and the time of day. Keep reading to learn more about pool water color and what affects it.

Reflections In The Water

The area around your pool has a big impact on the color of the pool water. Any buildings, fences, walls, and even foliage around the pool area will reflect in the water and change its appearance. If you live in a landscaped area and your pool water has a green tone, that's normal. A pool with a lot of greenery planted around it, including tall trees, brightly-colored flowers, and short shrubs, will make the water look greener and darker than it really is.

The Sky

You've probably noticed your pool water is at it's most vibrant blue color on bright and sunny summer days. The pool water will have a grayish tint and look dull and lifeless on cloudy days. On an overcast day, the pool finish plays an important role in the water color. Without the sun, you're actually seeing the pool finish reflected in the water, not a blue sky reflection.

Deep Vs. Shallow Water

The deeper the water in your pool, the deeper and darker the water color will be. If you look at the areas of your pool where the water is shallow, like the top steps, swim outs, and hot tub sections, you won't see much color in the water. In fact, pools between 3.5 to 6 feet deep don't have much blue color saturation in the water. If you have a darker pool finish, like gray or black, you may see a gold tint to the shallow water. The water will change to emerald green in the deep end.

Acid Washes

Having your pool acid washed will impact the finish, which then affects the color of the water when looking at it from outside the pool. If your pool is being aggressively cleaned with an acid wash, the finish will appear darker after wash. This will make also make the pool water look darker.

Scale Buildup

Over time, scale builds up on the bottom and sides of the pool. Scale is calcium carbonate, also called plaster dust. Since scale is white or very light in color, it will cause the color of your pool surface to appear much lighter. In turn, it will make your pool water appear lighter.

Altered Images

You also need to keep in mind that when you're looking at pictures of pools online and in brochures, these photos are created to sell a product. They have been altered and photo-shopped to look as good as possible to entice people to buy pools. The time of day the picture was taken, the camera used to take the picture, and any digital enhancements will alter the true water color in the pool pictures you see online and in brochures. To make a pool look more inviting and refreshing, some advertising agencies will even add food coloring to the pool water to make it appear more vibrant.

This is a quick overview of the different scenarios that can cause the color of your pool water to differ from what you see online. If you have more questions about installing a pool in your back yard, or the color of your pool water, contact a local pool company like Nassau Pools Construction Inc. They'd be happy to help you.