The Doors To Your Ideal Storage Options

by Grace Motley

When choosing storage options, many people will have many specifications in mind. Things like space, design, ventilation and even security features are always top on these consideration lists. But do you know that the type of doors used by your storage facility could also have an effect on the overall quality of your storage experience? When installing storage doors, an individual or the company offering storage facilities should have several factors in mind. One of these is the type of storage doors used.

There are two common types of storage doors widely used across many fields. The following are some of the features of these doors and why they could just be the door for your storage:

Swing doors

These are storage doors designed as the ordinary doors on hinges. Swing doors are made of steel and galvanized metal that is either porous or light to reduce the weight exerted on the swing mechanism. They are, however, reinforced with bars and metal columns to ensure their strength and durability. Swing storage doors are ideal for small spaces. They would better suit a storage location where individuals walk in and out to store the products. They do not favor the storage of very large commodities that span beyond their width.

An alternative for the above situation is presented by double swing doors. Double swing storage doors are ideal for larger storage areas with more traffic and more space. The doors open up on both sides of the frame revealing walk-in space equal to the entire door frame width.  Both single and double swing doors are available in a wide variety of colors and metallic features.

Roller shutter doors

These are the most popular door options for self storage and company storage. The doors open and close using a rolling mechanism that pulls the doors up or pushes them down. These doors eliminate the problem of swing-space associated with the earlier option. Roller shutter doors are useful in situations where the clients would need to drive into the storage space to store products. Supermarkets, factories and even private storage facilities would better be suited with such storage doors to enhance ease of operation. Roller shutter doors come in an array of sizes, colors and material choices. These doors can be customized to your specific needs and can be used to bring out personal attributes.

Whichever suits your storage location, both these storage door options can be found with the best safety features and made of the best material in the market. Contact a company like Overhead Door Co. of Dubuque for more information.