Having A Hard Time Renting Your Home Out? Use These Tips And Tricks To Get More Attention

by Grace Motley

So, you've decide to turn your home into a rental because you won't be occupying it anytime soon. You already put it on the market, but it isn't getting the attention you thought it would. You may be thinking about having professionals come in to fix the place up—but that isn't necessary. With the help of these tips and tricks, you'll have renters knocking on your door in no time:

Have the Garage Door Serviced

Sometimes the little things, like a quirky garage door, are overlooked when preparing a house to be rented out. This is understandable, because you're used to the quirks that are present and you know how to work around them. So to you, these quirks aren't really a problem to begin with.

But renters will notice the fact that the garage door squeaks or the spring on one side is giving out. Having the garage door repaired is an effective way to make your home seem newer and fresher for renters. Better yet, increase the value of your home overall (and possibly your rental rate) by replacing your garage door altogether.

Make the Garage Multipurpose

Another great way to attract renters is to make your home seem larger by turning the garage into a multipurpose space. For example, you can put a piece of workout equipment in the corner of the garage to encourage a home gym setup. You can also try one or more of these ideas:

  • Put a workbench against the wall and a corkboard above it to create a mini workshop.
  • Create an art corner by setting an easel and a small table up.
  • Hang racks on a wall to create an activity space where bikes, kayaks, and other equipment can be kept.

If a washer and dryer are kept in the garage, turn the area into a complete laundry space by adding a small folding table, an ironing board that hangs from the wall, and a utility sink.

Spruce Things Up With Paint

Adding a coat of paint here and there will go a long way in making your home come alive and look new again. You don't have to cover the entire exterior or interior to get good results. Instead simply touch up any easily noticeable scratches and blemishes and:

  • Paint the exterior trim of each window.
  • Paint the gutters (or replace them if they have leaks).
  • Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door.
  • Trim the interior walls with a fun color to brighten things up.

Neutral colors are always a good choice because they appeal to a wide audience, but don't be afraid of using a little color to accent a room. Calm things down with a shade of blue, or bring the outdoors in with some green trim.

Hire a Professional Landscaper

Not only will hiring a landscaper help you to attract renters, it will ensure that your yard gets the right treatment while you are not there to do it yourself. You can add the cost of the landscaper into the rental price of your home so the service doesn't come out of pocket. A landscaper can do a variety of things in your absence such as:

  • Maintain property gardens.
  • Keep the grass short.
  • Trim shrubs and other property barriers.
  • Organize the shed.

Your landscaper should also be able to effectively manage pests and weeds on your property. To minimize poison saturation on your property, look for a service provider who uses natural pest control and weeding methods that doesn't involve a lot of chemicals.

You'll find that after putting these tips and tricks into place that your rental home starts to get attention from renters right away.