4 Tips To Save On Your Water Bill: Why They Work

by Grace Motley

Most plumbers would give you tips on how to save on your water bill. Some of the tips may seem like common sense, but do you know why they're so important? There are various reasons as to why each tip is cost effective.

Change Your Shower Head

Your shower head can use five and a half gallons of water each minute. If you switch your shower head to a low-flow model, you will be able to save up to three gallons each minute. The low-flow shower heads are inexpensive and are going to save you money.

Turn Off The Water When Not In Use

Even when you are in the shower, you should turn off the water while you are shampooing your hair. While you're brushing your teeth, shut off the water. In that little bit of time you're not using the water, you could have saved up to a gallon. Over time, you're saving a lot of water by turning it off when it's not in use.

Fix Your Leaky Faucet

It may seem like common sense when someone says to fix a leaky faucet, but it's something that many people look past. It can be easy to keep putting off repairs. However, any plumber would tell you that this is one of the biggest wastes of a water source when not fixed. Even if your faucet seems like it's only leaking a small amount, try putting a pail under the sink overnight. This will show you how much water you're wasting by not getting it repaired. Calling a plumber to fix the faucet can save you gallons of water.

Showers VS. Baths

While it may be okay to take an occasional bath from time to time, showers should be considered on a daily basis. Baths can take up to 35 gallons of water in one use. Showers take an average of 15–25 gallons of water. Showers are the right step to bring down your water bill.

If you pay for a water bill, then you know it can be quite costly. There are small and relatively inexpensive investments, such as the low-flow shower heads and small repairs, that could bring down the cost. A plumber, such as from a place like Lanza Plumbing, is the professional you should contact when you have something go wrong. Getting the professional assistance will ensure that you're conserving the water that you should.