3 Reasons Why Street Sweeping Promotes Safety

by Grace Motley

A well-kept street is attractive and encourages residents to take pride in their neighborhood, but those aren't the only reasons why it's important to keep roads clean. Maintaining the cleanliness of local roads helps drivers, walkers and bikers stay safe. Whether you're the person who decides whether to hire a street sweeping team or a citizen with the goal of convincing local leaders that street sweeping is necessary, here are three impressive arguments why a debris-free street promotes safety.  

Decreased Risk of Vehicular Damage

As you carefully cruise down the street in your well-maintained vehicle, issues like flat tires and shattered windows might not even cross your mind. Unfortunately, taking your car in for regular inspections and obeying traffic laws isn't always enough to protect your vehicle. If you drive on a street littered with debris, the objects on the ground may strike your car as you drive by, resulting in costly damage. Debris that causes vehicular damage can also put drivers and passengers at risk, especially if any of the following things happen:

  • A large rock shatters your windshield, obstructing your vision
  • A sharp object becomes embedded in your tire, causing you to swerve off of the road
  • Your car spirals out of control after its tires connect with a slippery substance, then crashes into a pole, building, or tree

The average collision claim is around $3000. That's a high price to pay for an accident that potentially could have been prevented, so it's important for residents to have the option to drive on clean streets.

Clear Lines

Each year, road debris causes approximately 25,000 vehicular accidents. When trash and gravel are strewn across a street, it can be difficult to see the lines that divide different lanes. Drivers may unknowingly maneuver their vehicles into the wrong part of the road, and that presents a safety hazard if other vehicles are driving on the same street. 

Drivers may also find it difficult to see potholes, large cracks, and roadkill if a street is dirty. If a car drives over any of these things, rather than swerving to avoid them, the driver may end up losing control of the vehicle. A street sweeping company can quickly tackle oversized pieces of debris, leaving behind roads that are clean and durable.

Fewer Pedestrian and Biker Problems

Your city's roads are not reserved solely for automobiles. Many people enjoy jogging or cycling on the side of the road. There are also some folks who need to walk across a street to get to work or an appointment after leaving their vehicle in a parking garage. 

Regardless of why a pedestrian travels on a road, they deserve to walk or bike on a street that is free of debris. If a road is littered with trash, a pedestrian may trip and fall. A cyclist may spin into oncoming traffic after pedaling over a pile of debris, and parents may find it difficult to push strollers or wagons over chunks of gravel or fast food wrappers on the street. 

Like drivers, pedestrians may also find it hard to distinguish which part of the road they belong on if the road is not well kept. A pedestrian may venture out into oncoming traffic if the walkways are not clearly defined or may have a difficult time deciding where to cross the road. If a driver loses control of an automobile after flying over a trash-covered pothole, the automobile may crash into a jogger. These risks can all be minimized if streets are maintained properly, and the high number of pedestrians who are injured annually might decrease.  

Debris is unsightly, but it can also be dangerous -- especially when it covers the areas where people walk or drive. A team of street sweepers can transform poorly kept roads into beautiful, safe driving areas in a very short time, and they can return regularly to ensure that your city's streets never become filthy again.