Why You Should Get Rid Of That Curtain And Install A Glass Shower Door

by Grace Motley

Most traditional bathrooms usually consist of a bath tub with a faucet and shower head that is concealed through the use of a shower curtain. While a shower curtain gets the job done as far as privacy is concerned, it can also be higher maintenance than more modern shower enclosures.

Here are just a few reasons why more homeowners today are looking at glass shower doors and enclosures when it's time for a bathroom remodel.

Less Mildew and Mold

Anyone who has ever used a traditional shower curtain knows that almost all curtains will eventually need to be replaced. You can certainly try your best to keep mildew and mold off of your existing curtain, but it can be difficult to clean every single inch of the curtain properly.

If you leave the curtain bunched up against itself on one side of the curtain rod for too long, it will create an environment where mildew can grow quite easily. Glass enclosures don't have this problem. You can quickly and easily wipe the entire surface down.

It's also easy to add a transparent polymer coating to glass which can further reduce the chances of mold being created.

No Rust on the Curtain Rod

The shower curtain itself isn't the only spot that homeowners need to pay extra close attention to in order to prevent problems. The curtain rod that the curtain hangs from is often metal. Metal does not do well in a constantly damp environment.

Your rod may develop rust over time and need to be replaced. Installing glass instead will remove this problem as well. Glass can still get mildew if you don't wipe it down, but it does not rust like metal.

Increase Value and Appearance

Bathrooms that have a glass enclosure just look better than those that use a curtain for the bath tub. Your bathroom will look more high class to any guests that arrive and it may also increase the value of your home.

Clear glass can also compliment just about any color choice, so if you occasionally want to change the look of your bathroom, you won't have to worry about buying a new color shower curtain or rod every time.

Glass enclosures and doors for your shower are increasing in popularity compared to the traditional shower rod and curtain. Glass enclosures are easier to clean, will not rust and will improve the appearance and overall value of your bathroom. To learn more, contact a company like Mitchell Window & Door for help.