Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Crawlspace Waterproofing

by Grace Motley

Crawl spaces are vented areas of homes that are supposed to serve the purpose of removing moisture from inside of properties. Under ideal conditions, the moisture would evaporate from inside of the crawl spaces. Unfortunately, sometimes these areas of homes do not deliver on their intended purpose, and this can result in a few nightmares for property owners. Read on to learn why you could benefit from getting the crawl space areas of your property waterproofed. 

Prevent Moisture Issues

Moisture occurs in crawl space areas due to these areas being in close vicinity to the ground. This mixes with outside air, which is later mixed with inside air in properties in a process that is often referred to as the "stack effect." 

Moisture creates the conditions that mold and bacteria need to thrive. Since the crawl space area is exposed to the ground, things like contaminants, mold, and bacteria from the ground and air easily make their way into the area, and they are circulated throughout properties, which can trigger allergies. 

Prevent Peculiar Outdoor Odors

If you have noticed a musty smell in your property after rain or a humid day, it may be coming from the crawlspace area. The cramped area mixing with a small amount of air may produce this type of odor that is indicative of moisture attempting to dry out. 

Prevent Critter and Pest Access

Rodents are always looking for a good place to hide out, and crawl spaces that are not waterproofed make a good environment for them. In many cases, they will not need to defend themselves against dominating predators such as snakes.

However, snakes may decide to inhabit this area too, which may mean that you will not have a rodent problem, but who wants snakes that are possibly venomous slithering around under their floorboards? Waterproofing will seal the area off, making it impossible for either to enter. They will have to take their battle to another property, because access will be denied at yours. 

Insects like to inhabit crawl spaces too because the moisture provides them with easy access to a water supply. Cockroaches and termites can reproduce quickly under these idyllic conditions. Termites will also enjoy feasting on the wood in the crawlspace area which can cause structural issues for you further down the line. 

Prevent Energy Loss

The air that filtrates your home from the crawl space is likely making your heating and cooling costs higher. Waterproofing contains the area and ensures that outside air cannot enter into your property from the crawl space. The result will be improved energy efficiency

An HVAC contractor is a good resource for determining whether your property will be improved with standard encapsulation or encapsulation combined with insulation methods. An inspection of the design of your home and your preferences will affect this determination. Contact a group like Perma-Dry Waterproofing & Drainage, Inc. for more information.