What Is A Geothermal Heating And Cooling System?

by Grace Motley

According to NASA, 48% of sunlight is absorbed into land. This geothermal energy can be used to heat and cool your home. The process is referred to as geo-exchange. It is considered a clean method of fueling properties. By opting for this natural form of energy, you can save on your energy costs, and indoor humidity is also improved. Read on to discover more reasons a geothermal system could benefit you 

How does it work?

A loop system is placed underground. Other components of system the system include a heat pump, air compressor, fan and delivery system, During the summer, heat from homes with geothermal heating and cooling systems is pumped out of the home. The air compressor and fan aid in keeping the property cool.

When cold temperatures arrive, heat from the ground is pumped into the home. It is transferred by the delivery system to a geothermal furnace which distributes the warm air. 

Electricity is needed to power the pump, fan and compressor. You may also want to have electricity on standby if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters or sweltering summers. This is not because of running out of energy, but rather electricity can serve as a back-up if your geo-exchange system needs to be serviced. 

Does using this type of energy affect the environment?

Yes, but the good news is it does not require the use of fossil fuels; it actually helps to preserve natural resources. Fossil fuels can emit pollution into the air, and they can cause death if they are not monitored. For example, natural gas is combustible, and it can result in carbon monoxide poisoning is appliances have gas leaks.

Do not worry about energy conservation. Due to the amount of geothermal energy absorbed by the earth from the sun, there is more than enough to meet the needs of humankind. There is a greater risk for depletion of non-renewable energy sources. Examples of non-renewable sources are natural gas, oil and coal.

Are there any incentives for choosing to migrate to a geothermal heating and cooling system?

Yes, you will see savings on your heating and cooling costs. You may also qualify for a tax credit. One of the special requirements for receiving the credit is that property owners must invest in systems that adhere to Energy Star standards. 

If you have more questions about geothermal heating and cooling systems, an HVAC contractor like Christian Brothers Plumbing Repipe/Broken Water Pipe Service can be used as a resource for understanding how beneficial these systems are. They can use their knowledge to install your system, and ensure that it meets the federal government's guidelines to qualify you for the tax credit.