Are You Renovating A Room With Drywall? Learn About Asbestos Removal

by Grace Motley

If you are renovating your home and intend on removing drywall, you may need a license for asbestos removal. Drywall containing asbestos can cause a lot of harm to your health if it is not removed the right way. In this article, you will learn what to do before renovating a room with drywall and how to obtain a permit for asbestos removal.

What Should be Done Before Renovating a Room with Drywall?

It is important for you to make sure there is no asbestos present in the drywall before demolishing walls in the room that is being renovated. If there is asbestos in the materials, you can put yourself at risk for getting a serious health condition called mesothelioma. The reason the disease is so harmful is due to it being a type of cancer.

To find out if there is asbestos present in the drywall, you will need the assistance of a city official in your city that specializes in environmental quality. The city official will not only search for asbestos when surveying your home, but he or she will inform you of how it should be removed if it is found. Sometimes it is mandatory for the asbestos to be removed by a professional, but you may be able to do it on your own if you obtain a permit for it.

How Can an Asbestos Removal Permit be Obtained?

Obtaining an asbestos removal permit will depend on what the laws are in the state you reside in. It is typical for homes containing drywall with friable asbestos to need professional removal because of the harm involved, which can lead to your permit being denied. However, drywall containing non-friable asbestos may be able to be removed without hiring a professional to do it for you.

It is usually necessary for a fee to be paid before you can receive an asbestos removal payment. The fee required to be paid will vary depending on the amount of asbestos that was found needing to be removed when the city official surveyed your home. In cases where there is only a small amount of asbestos found, an asbestos permit may not be required.

Don't remove any drywall for your renovation project until your home has been surveyed by a city official, as asbestos can get in the air and cause health problems. Make sure an asbestos removal permit is obtained if necessary to stay within the bounds of the law when removing the drywall! Contact a company like Flash Drywall and Painting LLC for more information.