4 Tips To Installing A Staircase Railing Yourself

by Grace Motley

A staircase does more than just transport people from one level to the next its also adds character to its surroundings. Railings are also used for both safety and design. They can be crafted to resemble things like tree branches and geometric figures. A number of factors like complex designs can make it difficult for a beginner to install railings on their own. Fortunately, there a few tips you can use to install the railings yourself.

Consider Weather Resistant Materials

When you are looking for railings it is important to take into consideration the kind of climate you live in. Wood does not work very well as an outdoor material unless it is properly sealed and maintained. Some materials are better suited for certain environments:

  • Glass railings are commonly used for homes that are located near lakes, because they act as great windbreakers.
  • Steel railings are used in wetter climates since they require very little maintenance.

Therefore, it is important to choose a material that can hold up to the climate in which you live in.

Avoid Complex Materials

If you are considering installing the stair railing yourself, then there are certain materials you may want to avoid. Marble railings are often a favorite because of the elegance they add to different spaces. However, they are extremely difficult to install without the help of an expert. Wood, glass, and cable railings are simple enough for homeowners to install on their own. 

Dry Fit The Pieces First

Railing installation involves gluing and drilling in multiple pieces. This takes an enormous amount of time to complete, therefore, it is important to do it correctly the first time. You can minimize the chances of making any mistakes by dry fitting the pieces in place first. This will give you a good understanding of what the railings will look like. Dry fitting also allows you to make any adjustments and correct your mistakes.

Measure More Than Once

Accurate measuring is what makes a staircase railing come together. It can be easier to just eyeball the space and come up with an estimate, but that number will most likely derail your entire project. Instead, you need to measure multiple times and avoid using estimates. Shortcuts and estimates will only prolong the installation process.

While do-it-yourself projects are intended to save money it is important to take the time to do everything correctly. Now you can adopt these tips to make your railing project as smooth as possible.