3 Stone Coated Steel Roofing Solutions For Residential Homes

by Grace Motley

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home--arguably even the most important. It provides shelter for your family, and also helps to maintain the structure of your house. Stone coated steel roofing applications are becoming a popular roofing choice among homeowners for their durability, security, and sustainable features.

A stone coated metal roof consists of steel that is coated with stone chips. An acrylic film fastens these stone particles to the metal. The value of this solution is that it is more durable than traditional forms of roofing while also featuring an attractive aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current roof, or are seeking to install a new one, stone coated steel roofing offers you an attractive (and tough) solution for your home. Consider just a few of the models at your disposal for enhancing the appeal and value of your family home.

Shingle Styles

Shingle stone coated steel roofing gives your roof a classic feel with a distinguished style. This model is buttressed with bolstered steel, and comes in a variety of stylish yet understated colors. The color patterns integrate well with natural light and shadow, thereby accentuating the rich detail of your roof. The sealant is adept at resisting fading and ultraviolet rays from the sun. The lightweight system also features durable fasteners that install directly to your roof deck. The shingles, moreover, help to reflect light in the summer and preserve warmth in the winter months.

Tile Models

Echoing traditional styles from Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy, tile models provide durable steel performance with elegant beauty and architectural nuance. This lightweight material requires little maintenance over time, and is capable of being walked along without any risks. In addition, many tile models are resistant to UV rays, and the material fastens directly to your roof deck for convenience. This solution is ideal for homes located in many regions featuring sun year round such as: Florida, California, and, Nevada, as well as for secondary properties in the Caribbean or other warm places.

Shake Styles

Stone coated 'shake' steel styles feature a more bucolic aesthetic feel for rustic locations. This style echoes the classic beauty and architectural nuance of a home located in the wilderness. The roof is particularly durable and capable of withstanding harsh climate conditions, often featuring a great deal of wind, rain, and overall cold temperatures. As a result, this model is ideal for residences in colder climates and those located in more rural and/or rugged locations.