What To Consider When Keeping Your Business Safe

by Grace Motley

If you own a business, keeping your location safe is one of the most important things you will do as a business owner. You work hard to find the right location to set up your business, make sure that your employees have the ability to remain safe on a daily basis. One of the biggest things you can do to secure your business is making sure your commercial entry doors are safe and secure by implementing the latest technology. Here is an overview on a few different ways you can be sure that your business location and the people who work for you remain safe day in and day out.

Dangers of Traditional Locks

No matter the type of commercial entry door you have, you need to make sure you implement high security locks. There are a number of different dangers that come with traditional locks, including:

  • Lock picking and key bumping. There are a few different online services that offer a bump key set for low cost, and that allows unauthorized people to gain access into any traditional lock without any evidence that your business was ever broken into. Also, professional burglars know how to pick a lock in just a few seconds, and they can be inside your business before any passerby suspects they are breaking in. 
  • Forced entry into the business. When thieves can't gain entry into your building, they may find other ways to get in, such as sawing, hammering, or drilling the lock to eventually remove it.
  • Duplication of keys. There are so many ways for unauthorized persons to get ahold of your keys and duplicate them when you have traditional locks. Even when you aren't looking, someone could grab the keys you left on your desk, and you never know where they will end up. 

High Security Locks

Making sure that your commercial entry doors are safe and secure should be at the top of your list. There are a few different kinds of high-security ways to lock your doors, including the following:

  • Deadbolts. These are installed on external doors and come in a few different varieties: lockable thumbturn, single and double deadbolts. The lockable thumbturn locks provides flexibility and security, as they can only be used to unlock doors from the inside. Single deadbolts are more for residential, and a double deadbolt uses a key both on the inside and outside for locking and unlocking.  
  • Keyless entry systems. You can go keyless altogether by looking into keyless entry systems like door buzzers, remote controls, intercoms, or card-only access such as keypads and fobs. Both protect your business from employee and non-employee theft, as you can add and remove users as you see fit. Depending on the nature of your business, you could also look into thumbprint access, which essentially reads an authorized users thumbprint in order for them to gain access through the door. 

Other things to keep in mind are lock steel bars and door barriers that have secure padlocks and a body that resists hammers, blowtorches, drills and bolt cutters.

If you are having new doors installed, discuss ways you can secure your doors with keypad entry systems, or other forms of high technology locks. You can't put a cost on the safety of your employees and your business.