Want Industrial Fence Security Without The Industrial Look? Transform Your Chain Link Fence With These Tips

by Grace Motley

When it comes to industrial fencing choices, chain link fences are a great security barrier for your property. If you are hesitant to install an industrial fence on your commercial property because you don't want that industrial look, you may be surprised at the options that are available to transform even the most bland chain link fence into an attractive addition to your company's property. With the tips presented here, you don't have to sacrifice security for the sake of appearances.

Hide it With Privacy Slats

When you want the added security of the chain link fence around your property, but you don't want that rigid chain-link appearance, consider covering the fence with privacy slats. They are available in a wide range of colors and materials, from colored vinyl to those resembling wooden panels. You can create a look that is more consistent with your company's brand and image by choosing this type of addition to your fence.

One of the advantages of privacy slats for your fence is that they allow you to retain the security of the fence. And, you have the flexibility to cover just one side or both sides. If you only want the front-facing side of the fence covered, you can do that. Or, you can create a full barrier around the fence by covering the building-facing side as well.

Most privacy slats are easy to install, too. The interlocking panels secure in a channel that you attach to the bottom of the fence. Once locked into place, they form a barrier together that will stay in place and keep your fence covered.

Color it With Paint

If you've ever seen the transformation of a room in your house when you repaint it, you understand the difference that a coat of paint can make. The same holds true for your chain link fence. Choose a spray paint designed for outdoor use, and then consider covering it with a clear coat once it's dried.

Painting gives you the freedom to change the color if your brand image changes, too. Set up plywood barriers behind the fence, attached to the top of the fence to keep them upright. Then, you can spray paint the fence without worry of overspray. The plywood forms a barrier for you.

Bring it to Life with Climbing Vines

When you want something more natural to help your fence blend in, consider planting climbing vines around the perimeter. Plants like honeysuckle, clematis and ivy will grow rapidly and produce privacy cover. Opt for one that is forgiving so that you don't have to maintain it heavily. The colorful blossoms that some of these plants produce are just a bonus.

As you can see, there's no reason to be left with a cold, industrial-looking fence on your commercial property. Chain link fences come pre-colored now as well, giving you even more choices at the time of installation. Talk to a fencing contractor like Midwest Fence about your options. Follow the suggestions presented here to give your fence the look that best suits your property.