How To Temporarily Repair Your Cracked Or Chipped Windshield Like A Pro

by Grace Motley

Most drivers are aware of the dangers that even the smallest windshield chips and cracks can cause. A cracked windshield weakens the structural support of your vehicle in the event of a crash, obscures your vision while driving, and is even a ticketable offense in many states. While these problems often necessitate a full windshield replacement, you can use a DIY windshield repair kit as a cheaper solution until you are ready to replace the windshield, such as at M S Glass Outlet. Here are the steps you can take to fix windshield cracks and chips on your own.

Clean the Damaged Area

Before attempting any repairs on your windshield, you need to clean the damaged area. There will be small glass shavings inside of the crack that can prevent the repair resin from setting properly. Use a razor blade to carefully scoop out these glass shavings, and then clean the area around the crack with glass cleaner so that the suction tool will stick properly once the windshield dries.

Position the Suction Tool

The suction tool that comes with most windshield repair kits will have four suction cupped arms that you position around the crack, and a threaded center that is used to distribute the repair resin. Center the tool as well as possible over the crack, and then adjust the arms so that the threaded center is directly above the crack. Push the tool down firmly so that the suction cups will stay in place. Get inside of your car and observe to make sure that the center of the tool is directly above the crack after you have made your adjustments.

Apply the Crack Repair Resin

The windshield repair kit will come with a repair tube, a tube of resin, and a plunger to force the resin into the crack on your windshield. Thread the repair tube into the center of the suction tool, and then pour in as many drops of resin as the kit instructions recommend. Then insert the plunger into the end of the repair tube and hand-tighten it until the center of the suction tool is in direct contact with the windshield and the resin is distributed into the crack.

After you have completed these steps, place the finishing film that is included with the kit over the crack and smooth it out using the razor blade. Within an hour after applying the film, the resin should be completely dry. Now you can remove the film, scrape away any excess resin, and admire your newly crack-free windshield.