Cool Your Home Without Air Conditioning

by Grace Motley

If your air conditioning goes out, you don't want to be miserably hot in your house until the ac repair man comes out. Therefore, you'll need to have a way to bring down the temperature in your home while you wait. The information below will help you stay cool in your home until you can get your air conditioner repaired.

Trap the cross breeze

You want to be sure you capture a nice, cool cross breeze and then trap it in the house when the day begins to heat up. You do this by opening two large windows or doors on opposite sides of the house, but on the same floor. Make sure you do it in the morning before the heat of the day.

If you need some help pushing the morning's cool air into the house, you can put a fan in front of one of the windows or doors. A strong breeze will travel through the house. By shutting the house up when it starts to warm up, you will trap the cool air in. The better insulated your home is, the longer the cool air will stay in the house.

Emergency insulate the house

Now, you may not be able to properly insulate your home in just a few minutes, but you will be able to insulate it in a pinch to preserve your cool air until the air conditioner is repaired.

  • You want to close up any doggy doors and tape cardboard to cover them completely.
  • Use duct tape around the frames of older windows to keep the warm air from pouring in through the spaces.
  • Keep the blinds closed so the sunshine doesn't penetrate the windows and make your house heat up even more.
  • Place rolled up towels in front of any doors with space between them and the flouring.
  • Removing rugs from your hard floors will also help hold in the cool air.

Use fans and ice

You can use fans and buckets of ice to generate more cold air in your house. All you need to do is to fill a larger sized bucket up with ice and set it directly in front of a larger fan. If you have a few fans handy, then you could really cool off a room this way by putting buckets in front of each of them.

Once you take the above steps you'll find your home will stay much cooler until the air conditioning repair person is able to make it to your home.