You Can Repair Foggy Double Glazed Windows

by Grace Motley

Double pane windows are used in a lot of homes. Double glazing means that there are two panes of glass separated by a thing layer of gas. Double glazed windows are used in many homes because that double layers of glass help to insulate the home. Heat and cold can't get into the home through those windows as easily as it can through single glazed windows. While these windows are common, and generally work pretty well, they do have a few problems. One common problem is that the windows get foggy, which blocks visibility and makes it hard to see out of them. 

Why Do Double Glazed Windows Get Foggy?

When the windows are made they are sealed so that they will be airtight. That keeps the gas that is between the layers of glass in. It also makes sure that the air and moisture from outside doesn't get in between the panes of glass. Usually, these windows are sealed with something like a rubber gasket all the way around, and then they are set into the frame. However, sometimes pinhole openings will open up in the gaskets. This lets air and moisture into the windows. That moisture then gets trapped inside the window, creating condensation. That is why the windows get foggy. 

How Can Foggy Double Glazed Windows Be Repaired?

You have several options when it comes to dealing with foggy double glazed windows. One is to just buy whole new windows. Generally, if the window is foggy, it has failed in some way, and the insulating gas has leaked out. So, you may feel that replacing them is your best choice. However, there are some things that you can do to repair them if you would rather do that. 

One is that you can replace the foggy panes. One way to do that is that you just take out the trouble window, and replace it with a single pane of glass. You lose the benefits of a double glazed window, but the fact that there is moisture inside of the double glazed window means that you have already lost some of those benefits. 

Another is that you can replace just the glass in the window instead of the whole window. You can buy double glazed window units are just the glass. They are sealed the same way as other double glazed windows. You just take out the glass from the foggy window and replace it with the new glass. 

There is also the option to have a repair company, like Gary D Torgerson Co, install small vents in the window seals to get rid of the moisture. The repair company will come out and drill very small holes in the window seal. That will let them clean out the moisture. They may also be able to replace the insulating gas that was in your windows. Then, the repair company will install very small vents in the holes that they created. That will help let any moisture that gets back into the window to vent out. 

When it comes to dealing with foggy double glazed windows, you have options. You can either replace them, or use one of the repair methods to repair them.