Vinyl Vs. Wood Windows: Which Is The Best Choice?

by Grace Motley

When purchasing new windows for your home, the biggest decision you will need to make is if you should go with vinyl or wood for your window-construction material.  Each type of window replacement has their own pros and cons, and by understanding the differences between vinyl and wood, you will be able to decide what will work best for you.


If the cost of new windows is your main concern, you cannot go wrong with vinyl.  The material will be much cheaper overall, while still being a very effective and good looking window.

On average, a 42"x48" vinyl window will cost approximately $565 factoring in materials, labor, and supplies.   A similar wood window will cost $796.  Depending on how many windows are in your home that need to be replaced, this cost can quickly add up.


The reason that vinyl windows are considered to last longer than wood windows is because they do not have issues with warping, rotting, or shrinking over time. If you properly maintain wood windows, there is a possibility that they will last just as many years as vinyl windows.  The key factor is remembering to maintain it over the years.


If you are the kind of homeowner that tries to minimize maintenance issues, vinyl windows may be your best option.  The biggest problem you might run into is having a leak between the panes of glass, which will cause them to fog up very easily.  When this happens, all you need to do is reseal the edges of the window.

Wood window will have more maintenance over the years.  Not only do you also have to worry about the seal between window panes coming loose, but you also need to care for the wood window casing.  This will involve sealing or painting the wood surface every few years to keep them looking good.


A lot of times, the deciding factor of what kind of windows to purchase comes down to the look of them. A wood window might look better in an older home that has existing wood trim and floors.  While vinyl windows are much more simple and plain, they will look better in modern homes

By understanding the main differences between vinyl and wood windows, you will be able to make an informed decision about the kind of window you purchase for your home.  Remember that no matter which material you go with, they will still look and perform great!