Two Jobs to Leave to Your Home Improvement Contractor

by Grace Motley

If you like saving money, you might be all about grabbing a screwdriver and taking care of your own problems around the house. Unfortunately, some tasks that seem simple are actually pretty dangerous. Here are two jobs that you should leave to your home improvement contractor, while you relax and work on other tasks.

1: Tree Trimming

When you are working on your flowerbeds and weeding your grass, nothing is more frustrating than checking out overgrown, unsightly trees in your yard. If you have a chainsaw and a ladder, you might decide to take care of those branches on your own. Although it might look simple to whack off a few loose limbs or tidy up a tree shape, the fact of the matter is that tree trimming is a seriously risky.

Falling branches can strike homeowners and kill them instantly, and many people unintentionally cut themselves with their own pruning shears or saws. Unfortunately, the biggest danger involved with tree trimming is falling off of your ladder. In fact, nearly 6,000 people die each year because of unintentionally falling at home or around their yard.

If you want to take care of that big tree without risking your life, consider working with a home improvement contractor. Professionals have equipment like booms, harnesses, and specialized cutting saws that can help them to take care of the job quickly, efficiently, and safely.  

2: Electrical Work

If you have a faulty electrical outlet or need an additional outlet behind your television, you might decide to take on the challenge of routing new wires or installing a new plug on your own. After checking out a few online videos, you might even feel like you have a pretty good idea of what you need to do. Unfortunately, even small missteps can seriously injure or kill you if you decide to take on the arduous task of electrical repairs.

Live wires, overheating outlets, and improperly set up breaker boxes can electrocute you fast, before you know what hit you. In the United States alone, there are over 30,000 shock-related accidents each year.

Electrical work can be tricky, time consuming, and incredibly dangerous, so it is a good idea to have a professional do the job. Electrical contractors and home improvement specialists can evaluate your needs, repair the necessary lines, and inspect your junction boxes for damage. Not only does working with a pro keep you safe, but it can also protect your home from electrical fires.

Being careful about the types of home improvement projects that you decide to undertake can keep you and your house safe and sound.