7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Remodeling

by Grace Motley

Are you considering remodeling your home? People remake their homes for a variety of reasons, including modernizing or improving eye appeal. Here are some questions to ask yourself to decide whether or not you should include windows and doors in your redecorating plan:

  • Do your front window and doors match the rest of the exterior? If you're planning on living in your home for awhile, it should suit your tastes and appeal to your sense of beauty. There's no need to settle for drab doors or ugly windows when there are so many choices available. 
  • Is your door energy efficient? Although doors don't create a significant loss of energy, older doors that are poorly insulated allow transfer of heat or cooling between inside and outdoors. Additionally, air can seep when the area between the door and frame isn't tight. Installing a new door as part of your home improvement plans can help lower your energy bills. 
  • Are your windows single or double-paned? Double-paned windows are more energy efficient because the extra glass provides an extra barrier to the elements. Single-paned windows that feel warm to the touch in summer, and cold in the winter do a poor job of blocking out the outdoor temperatures. Double-paned windows can help you save money on your utility bills throughout the year. 
  • Are you bothered by neighborhood noise? Dual-paned windows provide an extra layer of insulation from sounds in your area. Scheduling a professional window installation to upgrade your windows can do a great deal to add to the quiet of your home. 
  • Is sunlight fading your furniture or flooring? If you open your drapes to let in daylight, you're also letting in harmful ultraviolet rays. Over time, they can cause artwork to lose its hues, fabric to become discolored, and give your furnishings a bleached-out appearance. Protect your decor with windows that are capable of blocking out most of the sun's rays. 
  • Are there air leaks around your windows? A frame, sash or sill made of wood can decay in older windows. The seal between the frame and sash can weaken over time. Vinyl windows are unaffected by even the most severe weather, and will retain the same look they had the day they were installed. 
  • Does your door have the best safety features? Even if you have the best locks, an aggressive criminal can kick their foot through a hollow front door. Protect your home with a steel or fiberglass door that has a 1-inch deadbolt lock and a jam that's reinforced with metal. Also, if burglars are a concern for you, you should have your new door installed so that it opens inward which will unauthorized people from tampering with its hinges.

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