4 Tips For Enhancing Your Stamped Concrete Contract Work

by Grace Motley

For contractors providing stamped concrete work, there are a medley of factors that contribute to the growth of your business. From developing a delivery schedule to managing your work after its installation, there are a medley of ways you can bolster your service and thus grow your business. Whether you are a new contractor just entering the market or an establish one with an existing book of business. Consider these tips when seeking to bolster your bottom line.

Milestone Timelines

The delivery schedule for your work is one of the most important points of delivery for your clients. In addition to managing your own team, you may have to ensure the prompt service provided by subcontractors hired to complete the job. Rather than trying to develop a schedule based on calendars, endeavor to develop a delivery schedule based on project milestones. This will facilitate your ability to meet deadlines and fulfill the expectations of your clients as well as save time and resources for both you and your client.

Control Toxins

As you complete work for your clients, the risk of emitting toxins and other poisons in a facility or home exists. To curtail this potential hazard, it is important that you maintain consistent HVAC system flow. In addition, vigilantly test for lead and asbestos when performing any projects, as these pose significant risk to people who inhabit the home or facility as well as to your own team members.

Devil in the Details

It is vital to follow standard procedures in concrete flooring, particularly when installing a stamped decorative pattern. Strive to consistently keep the flooring free or residue, contaminants and any other intrusive chemicals or substances that may impede the seamless installation of a floor. Minimize foot traffic as well because even the lightest imprint can become permanently ingrained into the flooring finish. Before applying the finish to your work, check closely for any irregularities and clean it thoroughly to ensure optimal results from your finish or sealer. Employ HVAC systems or a humidifying control apparatus to ensure moisture levels remain controlled as the sealants are absorbed into the finished flooring.

Long-term Maintenance Approach

Upon finishing your stamped concrete installation, be sure to negotiate with your client the schedule for long-term maintenance check-ups on the floor. These inspections and applications will be essential in preserving the longevity and durability of the floor. In fact, some finishing substances do require regular reapplications.