The Top Advantages Of Stone Masonry Construction

by Grace Motley

Even though masonry is one of the oldest construction techniques used today, it remains an effective way of providing people across the world with shelter and security. Masonry contractors have a wide range of masonry units to work with. These include brick, stone, concrete blocks, and many more. Each building material has unique properties that affect its suitability for use in particular applications.

As one of the premier materials for masonry construction, stone has gained a reputation as a top choice for construction projects. The widespread preference for stone masonry construction can be linked to the numerous benefits that it offers building owners.

Highlighted below are some reasons why stone remains a popular choice of material for modern masonry buildings and structures.

Stone Is a Strong and Durable Construction Material

When it comes to masonry construction projects, no material beats the strength and durability that stone can provide. The superior structural strength of stone compared to alternative masonry materials means that stone masonry offers the most resistance to inclement weather conditions. 

What's more, stone doesn't rust, rot, warp, or get attacked by pests, which further adds to its durability. 

Stone Is an Aesthetic Choice for Buildings

Some building materials require cladding installation to enhance the appearance and beauty of a building's exterior surfaces. That's not the case when you're building with stone. Depending on the type of stone used, stone offers a unique natural look that will make your building look attractive, increasing curb appeal and value of the entire property.

Stone Increases the Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Since stone exhibits lower thermal conductivity than most building materials, it has great thermal insulation properties. This means that it will minimize heat transfer through the walls of your building, making it easier and cheaper to maintain comfortable room temperatures.

Plus, stone masonry increases the thermal mass of buildings, resulting in even greater energy savings.

Stone Increases Fire Protection for Building Occupants

Buildings constructed with stone don't burn, meaning that they provide building occupants with increased protection against fire. Due to the reduced risk of fire damage to your building, you may end up paying lower insurance premiums for the property.

Stone masonry construction requires proper project planning and specialized labor to execute properly. Contact a certified masonry contractor near you to make sure your project is handled correctly, from start to finish, or for more information about this type of construction.