Making the Decision to Replace Home Windows

by Grace Motley

Although the original windows that came with an old house can add more character to it, keeping them can be a big mistake in some cases. For instance, if old windows have caused you to pay more money on energy costs due to allowing air to come in and out of the house through the glass, keeping them might not be the wisest decision. In fact, replacing old and damaged windows might actually give your home a boost in the curb appeal department, which can be beneficial in terms of the value that it has.

If you have held on to the old windows in your house simply because replacing all of them is out of your budget, there are actually several window replacement options available that might be more affordable than you think. In the content below, learn more about home windows and replacing them.

What Are Signs That Replacements Are Necessary?

One of the signs that you might want to replace your home windows is when a substantial amount of air comes through them. When air comes through windows, it can point to the frames being damaged, which can be due to old age. The air can come directly through the glass if there are cracks or chips in it, or it can come through the frames if they are damaged. Another sign that you should replace your home windows is if you are able to hear more noise on the outside of your house than usual. Basically, noise from outside can be louder in your house if there is damage to the glass or frames.

Which Window Frame Options Are Available?

You have several window frame options that you can pick for your house, which means that you can base your choice on your budget if necessary. You can also choose the windows based on the aesthetics that they will add to your house, which can be wise when increasing curb appeal for a higher home value.

Wood frames are a popular choice for windows because they add a lot of curb appeal and value, but you will have to spend more money on them in comparison to other options. If you are looking for the most affordable option, solid vinyl frames might be what you are looking for. You should be able to keep any type of frames that you choose for many years to come before replacing them as long as you properly maintain them.