Tips To Update Your Concrete Surface With Restoration And Protective Treatments

by Grace Motley

The concrete on your property provides you with a maintained surface area and adds value to your property through appearance and improved usage. But when a concrete surface becomes damaged and cracked, it loses its stability and integrity and needs repairs. Concrete can benefit from surface treatment to restore it from any damage and also improve its durability and appearance through stains and surface coatings. Here are some recommendations for you to use as you prepare your concrete and make the necessary updates for resurfacing and coatings.

Prepare Your Concrete Surface

Although your concrete may have a surface full of cracks and spalling, it needs to be cleaned and prepared for it to accept a repair layer coating. And to prepare it you need to remove any residues, paints, old coatings, and stains that will prevent it from accepting the new layer of treatment. 

You can clean your concrete surface to remove any grease stains or other sealants that were applied onto the concrete in the years past. Grease and similar vehicle fluids should be cleaned by using a degreaser to scrub it from the concrete. If there is any type of rubberized coating, you can use a concrete sander or scarifier to remove the layer from the concrete.

A scarifier will also rough up the surface of your concrete as it also removes any impregnable barrier, thus making the surface of the concrete ready to receive a new layer of concrete coating. A new layer of concrete coating applied to your concrete's existing surface needs a rough area in which to adhere more successfully. And a scarifier or a similar machine, such as a shotblaster, will prepare the surface properly. 

Resurface Your Concrete

You can also apply a patch filler onto your concrete surface if there are existing cracks or holes. Cracks and holes that are left within your concrete can turn into further deterioration and a failed concrete surface. This will help you prepare the surface of the concrete for a new layer of concrete overlay and any concrete stamping.

You may also want to further protect your concrete with a polymer protective sealant or a stained sealant to protect and improve its appearance. If your concrete surface is in your garage or basement, you can use a concrete polish treatment to create a glossy finished surface that is beautiful and also durable for many uses.

For further tips, reach out to a concrete surface prep service near you.