• Classic Car Restoration: Get The Glass Right

    9 October 2014

    With so many colorful, outstanding features to highlight on your classic car--from the statement-making paint to the retro upholstered seats--the last thing you may be looking at is the windows, but the right glass can make all the difference when you finally complete your restoration project. Finding the right glass for your vintage vehicle will not only it make it look like the real thing, but it will also allow you to actually put that Desoto or Studebaker back on the road again.

  • How To Deal With Ingrown Tree Roots Clogging A Sewer Line

    6 October 2014

    Drain problems often develop slowly over time. At some point, the water backs up, or the sluggish flow is simply unacceptable. Property owners and occupants who suspect that tree roots have grown into a sewer line have several options to diagnose and solve the problem. Older clay pipes can develop small cracks, inviting the intrusion of tree roots. Newer PVC sewer lines may have an occasional imperfect joint seal, allowing root growth into the connecting point between two pipe segments.