Steps Involved In Gutter Installation

by Grace Motley

There are several things to plan out before you have new gutters installed. As long as you and the gutter installation crew are prepared, the work of installing gutters goes fairly fast. Here are some steps involved in gutter installation.

Choose The Materials

There are several options for gutters. You can choose between seamless and sectional gutters. You can also choose the color and style you want. Another decision is if you want aluminum, copper, or vinyl gutters. You even have a choice in downspouts and how you want the rain to drain away from your home.

You can discuss all of these options with the gutter contractor when they examine your home and give you an estimate for installing new gutters. Once the gutter professional knows what you want, parts are ordered and the work is scheduled.

Get Your Home Ready

You might not have much time between when you get your estimate and when work begins, so if you need time to paint your house or do other work, let the gutter representative know. You want house paint to be dry before the gutters are hung. If your house needs to be painted anyway, or if you need a new roof, doing the work before you get gutters is a good idea since it's best to leave installing new gutters for last.

Another thing to check is that the fascia boards are still in good shape. If they're rotted, ask the gutter installation company if they will replace the boards or if you need to hire another contractor to do it.

Give The Workers Space

You don't have to do anything on gutter installation day but stay out of the way and keep kids and pets away. The work should be done in a matter of hours, so your routine won't be disturbed for long. Make room for the trucks if necessary. Seamless gutters are custom made on your property, so the workers will have a van or truck nearby, and they may need to use your yard to spread out tools and equipment.

Finish With Gutter Screens

Be sure to talk to your gutter installer about putting screens on top of the troughs. Gutter screens keep leaves out of the gutters so you don't have to deal with leaf clogs. The screens make cleaning gutters much easier, so they're the perfect topping for your new gutters. Once the gutters are hung and sloped properly, the screens are on, and the downspout is set, your gutters are ready to handle their first rain, and they should keep your home protected from water damage for many years to come.

Contact a local gutter installation service to learn more.