Concrete Lifting Solutions to Restore Hardscaping for Outdoor Living Space Renovations

by Grace Motley

When you have a problem with hardscaping, concrete lifting may be the right solution. The lifting solutions can be used to repair problems when you are renovating your outdoor living space for an updated design. The following concrete lifting information will help you choose the right solutions for outdoor living space renovations.

Lifting Patio Surfaces for Refinishing

The patio and other outdoor paved gathering areas might be some of the first repairs that need to be done. Since these are often hardscaping installations that are close to your home, a repair service will also inspect the foundation for damage. Some of the things that will be done to lift the patio concrete include:

  • Checking for low spots in the patio surface
  • Drilling holes to apply lifting materials beneath the patio
  • Applying the lifting materials to correct the damage

The concrete lifting may not be the only repairs you need for your patio. You may want to seal these areas and have improvements done to protect your foundation from water damage.

Correcting Damage to Concrete Paths

There may also be damage to concrete paths that need to be repaired. Sometimes, this damage is caused by other issues in your landscaping that needs to be addressed, including:

  • Erosion problems
  • Soft soil materials
  • Poor landscaping drainage

The concrete paths can also be resurfaced when the lifting has been completed. You have options like tile, stone pavers, or a concrete layover to improve outdoor paths' appearance.

Repairing Failing Retaining Walls

Over time, retaining walls can also fall apart, which can lead to serious problems with hardscaping. Several things can be done with concrete lifting to address problems with retaining walls, including:

  • Lifting the base of retaining walls
  • Correcting issues with walls caving in towards eroded soils
  • Repairing issues with other changes on the surface of retaining walls

The retaining walls may need lifting and other repairs. When the repairs are completed, they can also be refaced with more attractive materials to complete your outdoor renovations.

Adding Improvements to Protect Driveways

In addition, there may be repairs that need to be done to driveways. When you are doing repairs to driveways, there are other improvements that can be done in addition to lifting. Some of the additional improvements that you may want to consider include:

  • Adding drainage grates to driveways
  • Installing landscaping drainage and curbing
  • Adding erosion control systems to protect the driveway

The improvements to driveway drainage and the installation of landscaping curbing can prevent the problems that damage concrete pavements.

Concrete lifting can be an affordable solution to restore your hardscaping for outdoor renovations. Contact a concrete lifting service to discuss problems with your hardscaping that need to be repaired.