Choosing the Right Features for Driveway Gates After Installing a Security Fence

by Grace Motley

When you install a new security fence, it needs to be completed with the right driveway gate features. There are many choices for the gate design, equipment, and extras that you may want with your gate. The following driveway gate information will help you choose the right features for the gates that will complete your security fence:

Driveway Gate Materials

Materials are the first options you need to choose for a new gate. There are options for standard sizes with prefabricated gates and custom-built designs with metalwork or wood. The options for gate materials include:

  • Metal gates
  • Custom wood gates (with metal frames)
  • Modern vinyl and composite gate materials

The gates can be made out of more durable materials than the fencing. Options like composite materials will require a minimal amount of maintenance and will be less prone to wear.

Driveway Gate Designs

The different choices of materials also give you various options for the design of driveway gates. Some of the driveway gate design options that you may want to consider include:

  • Metal gates with custom metalwork
  • Artisan-style gates with hardwood finishes
  • Contemporary-style gates with modern composites

The driveway gate designs can enhance the appearance of your home with custom entrance features and details.

Driveway Gate Opener Equipment

Gate opener equipment is also important when you install new driveway gates. There are different types of openers for different types of gate designs, including:

  • Actuators for swinging gate designs
  • Track systems for gates on rail systems
  • Piston gate opener systems

The gate opener equipment can also have features like touchless controls and mobile application access. This gives you more control over the gates to your home to be able to open them when you need them.  

Extras for Driveway Gate Installation

There may be other features that you want to add to your driveway entrances. Some of the extras driveway gate extras that you can ask about include:

  • Roof covering for the gate and entrance area
  • Intercom system with video and audio
  • Phone app control systems for gate operation

The extras like roof coverings can improve the gate design and prevent problems. In addition, video and audio systems will allow you to see who is at the gate before you open it.

The driveway gates you have installed will complete your security fence with the right features. Contact a driveway entrance gate installation service to discuss installing a gate to complete your security fence.