Unique Ways To Include A Brick Wall In Your Backyard

by Grace Motley

Do you love the look of brick walls? There is something so classically and beautifully rustic about them. If your home does not have a brick wall, that does not mean you cannot enjoy one. Here are some unique ideas for ways you can add a brick wall to your landscaping design. 

Add a short wall along a walkway.

One option is to have a brick mason build a wall at waist height alongside a walkway. This way, you can use the wall as a handrail as you walk along the path, which can be really nice when it is snowy, icy, and cold outside. You can have the wall made from the same bricks used to create the path, which will create a very simple, minimalist look. Or, if you prefer a busier look, have the wall made from a different color of bricks.

Build two walls at a right angle to form the corner of a garden.

Another fun way to add a brick wall to your yard is to have the mason build two walls that come together at a right angle. This way, you basically have a half square of brick wall. In the space between these two walls, you can plant a garden of vegetables, flowers, or both. The walls are a nice backstop and add a rustic look, which is very at-home in a garden.

Surround an area with a low brick wall, and use it as a grilling space.

Another option is to have your mason put up four brick walls in a complete square. You will want them to leave a gap about three feet wide on one side of the square. You can make the square any size you want, but 10 x 10 feet tends to be a good size. You can then have concrete poured in the center of the square, and use this partially enclosed area to park your grill, other outdoor cooking equipment, table, and a few chairs. 

Use a brick wall and sloped soil to create a garden on a hill.

You could also have your mason build a single brick wall in your yard, and then you can pile dirt against one side of the wall, sloping the dirt pile downwards as it gains distance from the wall. You can then plant flowers or even some herbs on this mount. You get the beauty of a wall on one side and the beauty of a garden on the other!

There are so many ways to use brick walls in your yard. Don't limit your creativity! Explore the ideas above and others. A masonry contractor is a great resource if you are looking to implement any of these projects.