Putting Up Holiday Lights? Be Sure To Check Your Electrical System First

by Grace Motley

If you're many other homeowners, you look forward to the holiday season and all the fun that goes with it. Not only do you get to prepare delicious meals, you also get to decorate your home with colorful lights and decorations. But before you hook up your lights, check your home's outlets, switches, and circuit breaker first. Here are some things to look for in your electrical system before you decorate your house. 

Worn Out Electrical Sockets

Whether you plan to use LED lights or traditional incandescent lights this year, it's crucial that you check your power outlets (receptacles) for safety. Outlets can wear out from overuse and other problems during the year. Bad outlets can become hot enough to trip your breaker. Damaged receptacles can also cause a fire in the home. 

Although it's possible for you to check your power outlets yourself, you want to have an electrician do it for you. The wiring inside your outlets could be exposed or frayed. Bad wiring can shock or injure you. An electrician can test each outlet to see if it performs as intended. If your outlets do have a problem, an electrician can replace them.

After an electrician checks your receptacles, they can examine your circuit breaker.

Circuit Breaker Box Problems

Circuit breakers (and fuse boxes) can wear down over the years. The wiring inside the breaker box can fray or deteriorate from years of usage. The panels can also rust and corrode, which can lead to fires and other dangerous situations. If you plan to use high-powered lights and decorations this season, they could trip your breaker or damage your other appliances.

An electrician can perform a full inspection of your circuit breaker box and the components inside it. An electrician may also check the wiring inside the wall supporting the box for problems. If your box or any of its components are in bad shape, an electrician may be able to replace it. 

After an electrician takes care of your circuit breaker and wall outlets, they may offer advice on how to install your holiday lighting and decorations. A specialist may help you choose the right types of power cords and accessories for your lights and decorations. Some electricians offer seasonal light installation services to their customers. You can always ask your electrician if they offer the service when they visit your home.

If you need to inspect your electrical system before you put up your seasonal lights and decorations, contact an electrical service, like RDS Electric.