Tips For Creating A Custom Coffee Station In Your Kitchen

by Grace Motley

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or building a home from scratch, a good part of your budget should go towards custom cabinets. Not only will great quality, attractive cabinets add appeal and storage to your home, but they will also increase your home's total value. Thankfully, you can also increase the function of your kitchen by designing a custom coffee station. Considering 83 percent of adults in the United States drink coffee, a custom coffee station in your home is a great investment if you ever need to sell. With these tips, you can create an appealing, valuable, and functional coffee station in your kitchen.

Cabinet Design

Decide on the location of your coffee station. The space should offer enough space to not only hold your coffee maker, but also a selection of coffee pods or container of ground coffee, cups, and spoons. Also, allow sufficient countertop space for displaying decorative canisters or pitchers for creamers and sugars.

Once you know where you would prefer your coffee station, discuss cabinetry options with your contractor. Top cabinets should be installed in a way that will allow you to place your coffee maker under without any interference. Also, ask your contractor about building in a mug rack underneath the top cabinet section. This will give you a decorative space to display your favorite coffee mugs while freeing up some countertop space in your kitchen.

Your cabinet maker may also be able to include drawers that allow you to organize your coffee pods and other accessories. Storing these items in drawers will make your kitchen feel more clean and open, since the items will be hidden instead of on top of your countertops.

Finish With Furniture

If space is an issue and you are unable to utilize cabinets and countertops, use furniture to create your coffee station.

Measure an open area of your kitchen or breakfast nook and find an antique buffet or sideboard that will fit in the space. Buffets and sideboards are great to place in front of a window because they will utilize the empty floor space without blocking the view.

Place your coffee maker on the furniture piece and a rack for your mugs. A plate stand is also a fun addition, since it allows you to store cup saucers and other accessories that will be necessary when preparing your favorite cup of coffee.

If wall space is available over your buffet or sideboard, install custom shelves over the coffee station. Arrange different accessories on the shelves with decorative accents that complement your coffee theme.

A coffee station is a unique addition to include in your kitchen design. Using these tips, you can create a customized, appealing, valuable, and functional space for preparing and serving coffee at home. For more cabinet ideas, contact a business like Sunrise Cabinetry Sales.