4 Beautiful Ideas for Replacement Entry Windows

by Grace Motley

You want your home to make a good impression of visitors, right? Well, their introduction to your house is the entryway. What's more, this may well be your transition from the outdoors to indoors on a daily basis. In other words, the entryway has a big impact on your house's appeal. If you're planning on remodeling your entryway, consider how replacement windows can benefit the overall ambience.

Multiple Glass Panes

If you're remodeling your entryway, you'll want to plan for extra light. Therefore, consider surrounding the door with windows. This gives your home's façade an open appeal. However, you can also add visual interest by choosing replacement windows with multiple panes of glass. Resembling grids, these windows work well with a variety of home styles, from traditional to modern. If you choose a reflective surface for the exterior, you won't even need interior window treatments.

Single Side Window

If your house is a ranch or other style with a wide façade, you may want to play with symmetry a little. Instead of surrounding the door symmetrically with windows, consider just a single side window. In this case, you'll choose a wide window. The goal is to take up some of the length of your house's façade.


In that vein, another asymmetrical approach is to add a circular window to the side of the door. Commonly called a porthole, this type of side window can work well with different house styles. For example, the clean geometry of a circular window can serve as a complement to the rectangle of a door in a modern house. However, you can add trim to the window and make it look cohesive with traditional or even historical homes.

Black Trim

Choosing windows with a black frame may seem a little unusual. In fact, it's quite bold. Black is a complementary color to any light hue, especially white. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, black trim turns your windows into a focal point. This is a good look for a small foyer or if you don't want a lot of furniture in your entryway. That way your windows make a bold design statement, but the rest of the look is minimal.

Arched Windows

Another method for adding drama to your entryway is with arched windows. You can either choose full windows with arched tops or semi-circular transom windows to top rectangular ones. Arches lend an air of sophistication, so they work well with traditional and historical homes. However, modern style is characterized by geometric lines, so placing a sleek semi-circular transom above a doorway can have a contemporary appeal. Such transom windows also work well with vaulted ceilings because they draw the eye up.

Update the entrance to your home with replacement windows. For more information or assistance, contact resources like Robert G Miller.