3 Tips For Getting Your Building Supplies Even If You Don't Have A General Contractor

by Grace Motley

When most people build a house or do a remodel they hire a general contractor. Although this is a good route to go, it is does not mean that it is the only way. In fact, some people have had successful experiences being their own general contractor and hiring their own subs. One thing that you will have to do if you don't hire a general contractor is get your own building supplies.

Here are a couple tips to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your building supplies:

1. Ask For The Contractor Discount

Usually the store that you buy your supplies from will have some sort of discount for contractors. Since you don't have a contractor, you should ask for the same discount. In most cases you don't need some sort of certification to tell them that you are a contractor. Instead, you just let them know that you are the general contractor of your own house and you would like the same discount that they offer contractors.

If the company doesn't offer that discount to you, you might consider going somewhere else. There are many stores that allow private builders to get the same discount.

2. Negotiate Free Delivery

Many building supply stores already have the cost of delivery included in the buying price. That means if they are charging you for delivery you might be overpaying. Picking up the supplies on your own can be very challenging, and there is no reason you need to do so. If the company offers free delivery for contractors, you should ask that they do the same for you.

If you cannot negotiate free delivery, make sure you agree upon the delivery cost before you purchase. In some cases you can be charged a great deal more than you anticipated because you didn't get the delivery cost in writing.

3. Get on A Payment Plan

Many contractors have a budget set aside to get the building supplies before they get paid by the client. This means that collecting all the supplies is not a major problem. But if you are doing the project on your own and are waiting for your financing from the bank, you might need to get on a payment plan with the supply store. Let the supply store know that you are a private contractor and that you are waiting on financing. You will have to pay some upfront, but they should be able to work with you until your mortgage comes in.

By doing these things you can get the same benefits as a contractor when you purchase your building supplies. To learn more, contact a company like American Building & Roofing Inc.