Tips For Recovering From The Aftermath Of A Flood In Your Home

by Grace Motley

Walking down to your basement and discovering that your water line has broken is an alarming feeling. Your first course of action will of course be to stem the flow of water and ensure that you and your family stay safe. But once that's taken care of, the long process of recovering from the incident will begin. If you've never been in this situation before, it can be quite stressful. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help get your house back the way it used to be.

Document the Damage

Once the water has stopped flooding and your family is safe, the first thing you need to do is grab a camera or smartphone and document the extent of the damage. These photos could be critical when the time comes to contact your homeowner's insurance. 

Contact the Insurance Company as Soon as Possible

Speaking of homeowner's insurance, you'll want to locate your homeowner's policy as soon as things calm down. There might be specific requirements you will have to follow in order to file a claim. Keep the photos you've taken handy in case an auditor from your insurance company wants to inspect the damage.

Contact Professional Help

Even if you succeed at removing some of the water yourself, chances are your basement walls are still moist in spots. Your basement could be in danger of growing mold or mildew in places that you might not be able to easily see. After you document the damage and take steps towards filing a claim, your next phone call should be to a water damage restoration company. A professional contractor will be able to assess the damage, give you a quote, and then begin restoring your home to how it was before the flood. 

Take Stock of What You Store in the Basement

Did you lose some valuable goods to the flood? While your homeowner's policy might help replace these, it might also be advisable to reconsider what you are storing in your basement. Especially expensive items might be better stored elsewhere in the house or in the attic. The idea is to minimize potential future damage if something like this were to happen again.

A flooded basement is an awful situation, and homeowners will need to act quickly to recover with as little damage as possible. Make sure you document what happened for your insurance claim and then call a professional contractor, like SERVPRO of Rockford, to help you repair the damage.