Getting Your Home Winter Ready Without Dashing Through The Snow

by Grace Motley

The hint of cool air has started to drift its way right into sun-filled afternoons and recently warm mornings and this could only mean that winter is on its way yet again. You may be ready for colder weather, with your cold weather clothes and scarves pulled out of storage, but have you taken the time to make sure your home is prepared as well? Now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the upcoming winter season.

Winterizing, Weatherizing, and Staying Warm

It is a good idea to start looking for all those sneaky little ways that cold air is going to make its way into your home before the first snowflake makes its grand appearance. The last thing you want is to be caught in frigid weather stuffing blankets in cracks and crevices or cranking up the thermostat just to keep warm. There are things you need to look at now, before the deep freeze of winter hits:

  • Make sure all windows and doors are weatherized with proper seals and weather stripping if necessary.
  • Check exterior walls for proper insulation in the attic and basement, and even in the crawlspace.
  • Go ahead and block off those spaces in the home that do not necessarily need climate control.

Have Your Home's HVAC System Checked out by a Professional

Fall is the perfect time to schedule a routine maintenance check with your local HVAC professional.  It is much better to have your heat pump, ductwork, and other components checked out now than to get caught without heat in the middle of winter. During a maintenance check, the professional contractor will test your heat pump, look for discrepancies in ductwork design, perform a thermostat check, and make sure all aspects of your system are ready to jump into the heating season. Be sure to ask your contractor about any things that could be changed in order to make your heat pump more efficient because now would be the best time to consider making these changes.

Make sure that when winter time strikes this year, you are not dashing through the snow trying to find an HVAC contractor or heading to the local home improvement center for weather stripping. Being more efficient when it comes to keeping your home and family warm is all about being prepared in advance. Taking some time to be prepared for cold weather will prove to be very rewarding this winter. For more information, contact a local HVAC company, like R P M Heating & Air Conditioning.