Create A Decorative Flowerbed With Gravel, Plants, And Flowers

by Grace Motley

Make a decorative flowerbed with gravel, small plants, and your favorite flowers. The gravel will assist with preventing weeds and help retain moisture to the soil that is underneath. When finished, you will have a beautiful area that will not require much upkeep. As long as each plant and flower receives plenty of water and sunlight, your flowerbed will look beautiful and well-kept. 


  • measuring tape
  • metal stakes
  • landscape fabric
  • scissors
  • shovel
  • fertilizer
  • plants 
  • flowers
  • gravel

​Measure And Dig Out The Flowerbed

Place your flowerbed in your front yard or next to a walkway. Measure the area that you are going to use, making sure that the lines are straight. Mark this area with metal stakes. Dig out the marked area, making sure that the depth of the flowerbed is deep enough to hold the roots of each plant and flower. Place the dirt in a pile as you are digging. Once the plants and flowers are inserted in the flowerbed, they will be covered up with this same material.

Add Landscape Fabric, Plants, And Flowers

Measure a piece of landscape fabric that is the same length and width as the hole. Cut out the fabric and place it in the bottom of the hole. This fabric, along with the gravel, will prevent weeds from growing. Evenly space out the plants and flowers. Cover the roots with the dirt that is piled up. Add a small amount of fertilizer around the base of each plant or flower. Read the package directions to ensure that you do not use too much of this material.

Add A Layer Of Gravel

Spread gravel around the area that has been used as the flower bed. Make sure that an even layer is applied. The gravel will keep each plant or flower protected and will assist with healthy growth. If you would like to add some extra flair to the flowerbed, spray paint the gravel before adding it. You can easily do this by placing the gravel on a plastic tarp. Hold a can of spray paint several inches away. Once the paint has dried, drag the plastic tarp over to the area that is being used as a flower bed and apply the gravel. Gravel can be obtained through outlets such as Robinson Concrete Inc.

Your flowerbed will be an attractive feature that you will enjoy looking at each day. Knowing that you won't have to work hard to keep it maintained will be something that you will truly appreciate.