How To Create The Perfect Cobblestone Private Road To Match Your Cobblestone House

by Grace Motley

If you are fortunate enough to own a nineteenth century cobblestone house on a property with a private road, then you will want to accent your property with other nineteenth century items. One such accent is an authentic cobblestone road. Since you already have your own private road, all you need is a paving contractor and authentic cobblestones. Hiring the contractor is the easy part. Getting the right cobbles is not so simple. Here is how you can be sure you have the right materials.

Cobbles vs. Setts

Do not be fooled by setts. Setts are stones mined from a quarry and shaped to resemble cobbles. Cobbles are stones taken from a river bed. Cobblestones are naturally smooth because the rushing water in the stream or river has worn away the rough edges. If you are looking for a legitimate cobblestone path, you will want the true waterbed variety, and not the quarried version.

Mortar vs. Sand

Traditionally, cobblestone roads like the one you want to craft entailed setting the stones in a layer of compacted sand or mortar. Most city versions were set in mortar, while country cobblestone paths were set with sand. If your private road up to your cobblestone house currently has a dirt road with ruts, or bears the burden of high traffic and several vehicles, you will want the mortar version. The sand version is best when your private road is rarely in use.

Requesting Cobblestones of Various Sizes and Colors

The most interesting cobblestone roads have stones of various sizes and colors. When you ask your contractor specifically for true cobblestone, make sure you you know what sort of interesting coloration you want. Some of the stones may have a red tinge or an algae green hue, while others are black or gray. Sprinkling little color in with the gray stones creates visual interest. Ask your contractor if he or she minds your creative input once the cement/mortar has been laid. That way you can have some control over the aesthetic production of your private road.

Not All Paving Contractors Have Cobblestone Experience

You are more likely to find a contractor who knows what cobblestone is and how to lay it along the Eastern coast. Cobblestone houses and streets are more common here and their repair and restoration falls to historians and paving contractors. Make sure the one that you hire knows something about the cobblestone road process before you hire him/her. Visit Driveways By Heap Inc for more information.