Dealing With Road Construction: Tips For Small Businesses

by Grace Motley

Although road construction is important for the continued development of any town or city, it can present a challenge for nearby small businesses. Road construction can greatly reduce the number of walk-ins to any business, which can lead to a drop in sales. These tips will help you as a business owner manage the problem until the road construction is finished.  

Save, Don't Spend

Now is definitely not the time to make any expensive upgrades to your business or hire new employees. Save up your money and spend wisely. Cut deals with suppliers to lower your normal operational costs. Lower your lights and change the temperature on your climate control by a few degrees to lower costs.  

Keep Clients Informed

Remind your customers through your website, advertisements and social media platforms that your business is still operational. Use your business's Facebook page, newsletter, and email distribution list to reiterate your business's hours and location. Give your customers frequent construction updates, so they'll know when the construction is nearing its completion and which roads are unpassable.    

Don't Close Down

Closing while the construction takes place may save money in the short term, but once established customers find out that your business isn't open for regular hours, they may not come back. This will only hurt your business in the long run.  

Put Up Signs

Don't let anyone get lost trying to find your business. Put up large, clear signs directing customers to your establishment. If there is a detour to your business, put up signs at nearby intersections directing drivers to your store or restaurant. Have these signs professionally made to ensure readability and clarity.  

Team Up with Other Nearby Businesses

Speak with neighboring business owners about the road construction. Form a lobby to meet with your local representatives to speed the construction deadline and generate other solutions.  

Focus on Online Sales

If your business sells tangible products, now is the time to focus on sales through your online marketplace. If your in-person customers are drying up, then you should have plenty of time to find new online venues for advertising your products and making sales.  

Offer Incentives to Patrons of Your Establishment

With the number of walk-in customers on the decline, now is the time to appeal to your regular loyal customers for support. Run big sales and specials throughout the day, and advertise for the sales on your website and social media pages. Initiate a customer rewards program that gives incentive to customers to come back to your store.  

There's an upside to road construction, and that's this: the drive to your business will be a better one in the future. Your customers will appreciate it, and you will too.