Want To Refresh The Look Of Your Kitchen Cabinets? Learn How To Re-Stain Them

by Grace Motley

If you love your wood kitchen cabinets but notice that they are becoming dull or some of the finish is coming off, you can easily re-stain them. The process does take time, but when you're finished, your kitchen will have that brand new look once again.

This guide demonstrates how you'll go through the process.

Step 1: Remove the Cabinet Doors

Empty the cabinets and drawers and put the contents in boxes in another room. Using a screwdriver, remove the cabinet doors by taking off the hinges. Take the doors to a well-ventilated area. This is where you will stain them later. Remove the doorknobs and drawer pulls with a screwdriver. Place the hinges, knobs, pulls and screws in a plastic bag.

Step 2: Prep the Kitchen

Block off the kitchen area by hanging plastic or sheets over the doors to other rooms with tape or small nails. Use painters tape to tape off any areas that you do not want the new stain to drip on. Additionally, lay down some sheets on the counters and floor to catch any stain drips that might occur.

Step 3: Sand the Old Stain

Use an electric sander, with fine grain sandpaper, to gently sand off the old stain on the cabinets. When you are finished, go to the area where the cabinet doors are and do the same to them.

After the sanding is complete, vacuum the sawdust completely. Additionally, use a damp cloth to remove any residual sawdust. Use a mop to clean up the sawdust from the floor. This is an important step to remember because any residual sawdust can interfere with the stain and prevent a smooth finish.

Step 4: Apply New Stain

Once you have eradicated the sawdust from your kitchen and the area where your doors are, you can begin the staining process. Open the windows in the kitchen to allow for better ventilation. Some stains have a strong smell so opening the windows will help eliminate some of the fumes.

Additionally, consider placing a fan inside one of the windows to help draw the fumes out.

Apply the stain with a medium-size paintbrush evenly on the doors, as well as the cabinets in the kitchen.

Hint: Because the inside of the doors don't add to the look of your kitchen, you only need to stain the outside and the sides of the doors.

Allow a few hours for the stain to dry. In some cases, you may need to wait until the next day to add another coat of stain to get the desired look.

Step 5: Replace the Cabinet Doors

Once you have achieved the look you want, use a screwdriver to hang the doors back on the cabinets and replace the drawers, and reattach the knobs and pulls.

Plan a couple of days to complete this project in order to achieve the best results. Use the same color stain or choose a different look completely. Share this with others who have wooden cabinets that need a little freshening up.